Tools for the task:

Intelligent Automation - offers a competitive advantage over traditional manufacturing, offering advantages such as

increased flexibililty retooling and reprogramming can be done in half the time and cost as fixed automation
consistency automation offers unamatched consistency in manufactured goods, as well as higher quality

Hardware and Software Advantages

iRVision iRVision has 2D, 3D and color capabilities. This fully integrated ready to use technology offers part location, error proofing, visual line tracking, color sorting, and many other features to give your operation the flexibility and accuracy to compete in any market.
Offline Simulation and programming Offline Simluation and Programming software allows simulated robot programming using a PC, allowing for program creation and enhancements without costly downtime.
R-30iB controller Features energy regeneration, using the robots motors to generate electricity when deceleration occurs, returning power to the grid. Also compatible with Gakushu "Learning Robot"






Company: Lamson & Sessions
Situation: To eliminate the shortcomings of manual operation, including excessive time, various quality levels, high labor costs and numerous applications, Lamson & Sessions determined robotic automation would provide the flexibility and precision required to meet production demands.
Solution: Automation
  • A FANUC robot is equipped with HandingTool application software to handle the dispensing of the FIP gasket. The robot has an extremely large work envelope and does not require a significant amount of floor space.
  • The robot offers floor, invert, wall, shelf and angle mounting, allowing better access to unusual work pieces.
  • A FANUC tabletop robot offers maximum loading capabilities in the mini- robot category. It is used in a variety of applications such as packing, packaging, picking and material handling.
  • The mini robot’s small size and extensive capabilities make it the perfect solution for industrial applications or laboratory environments.
    • Process
  • An operator manually loads parts into the indexing dial system, and once the tooling location is complete, a robot forms the FIP gasket.
  • Upon completion of the gasket, the dispensing robot stops and the table indexes to the unload position where the mini robot transfers parts to the curing oven conveyor.
  • All three stations function simultaneously, load-dispense-unload.
  • Finished products exit the curing oven and are transferred into completion storage bins, sorted and prepared for shipment.
  • Sizeable cost savings with the elimination of the previous cut foam gaskets.
  • Consistent and reliable automated process significantly increases product quality.
  • Flexibility to handle 13 different configurations and additional parts in the future.